My name is Mike Berkofsky
I was a very young photographer in 1971 when I took these photographs of Uschi in Kenya soon after Jimi died not knowing that she had had an affair with Jimi in 1969.
Uschi was fearful for Jimi as he hated the crowds and being in the public eye. When I saw her recently in Los Angeles I got her whole story and her ideas about how quick was Jimi's demise.
I am currently writing a book about the whole story of me photographing Jimi and Uschi and the restoration of the lost image covered in fungus and will publish it soon.

London born fashion/advertising photographer, TV Commercials Director & Director of Photography.
1961 - 1967: Apprenticed as a black and white darkroom printer - specialized in fashion and lith printing for fashion and advertising photographers in London’s West End.
1967 - 1979: Worked as a freelance fashion and advertising photographer. Editorial work includes : The Sunday Times Colour Magazine (UK), Vogue (UK), Harper’s Bazaar (UK), Depeche Mode (France), Marie Claire (France), 19, Honey, and many more. More than 70 magazine covers and hundreds of pages of editorial published. Advertising work includes Levis, Miss Selfridge, Smirnoff, Jaguar, Yardley, Cinzano, Coca Cola, Faberge, Coty Lamon, Wool Council, Courtaulds, Mary Quant, Wallis, Martini & Rossi, Pretty Polly, Bacardi, and many more.
Commercials Director

1980 - Joined Sid Roberson Productions (London) as a Commercials Director. Won British Cinema & Advertising Awards 1981 - best cinema commercial and other international awards for Kawasaki commercial. 1981 - 1983 - jointly - represented by PAC in France. Work includes Dim, Chanel 19, Pour Homme, Miss Dior, Kouros, Eminence.
Production Company Owner
1983 - Opened Berkofsky/Barrett Productions in Los Angeles. Berkofsky’s commercials include Microsoft, IBM, Kodak, L’Oreal, Max Factor, Opium - Yves St Laurent, Miss Dior, Diet Coke, Pepsi Slice, Ford, Lincoln, Honda, Toyota, Acura, VW, Audi, Opel, Bridgestone, BMW, Kawasaki, Budweiser, Coors, Miller Light, Cool, Levis, Gold, Diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, Michael Jackson’s LA Gear, AT&T and Sprint
Return to London 1995 - Returned to London to regenerate European work in the UK, Italy, Germany, Holland and France. Commercials include: Warner Bros (Australia/ Germany) West Cigarettes (Poland/Germany), Opel (Germany), Center Parcs (UK), Barilla and Richiarelli (Italy) Dove (Euro-wide.)
Back to Los Angeles
2004 - 2006 - Returned to photography to shoot the Producers Guild Of America’s ‘Truth in credits’ campaign with producers Kathleen Kennedy, Dino DeLaurentiis, Jerry Bruckheimer, Norman Lear and Martha Kauffman. 12 posters for The Santa Monica Bay Physicians Group and a 48ft billboard for Carneys.
Leaving L.os Angeles
The 3 year restoration on the Hendrix print supposedly drove my wife to despair and I was forced to leave Los Angeles at the New Year.
Return to London I'm living in Highgate, North London near my daughter. I'm finishing my book called ‘Bringing Back Jimi Hendrix’.